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The 2004 Colorado Springs Open

by Larry Rose

Over the nineteen year history of the Colorado Springs Open, six times, a woman champion has been crowned. In the 20th year, Emilia Gheorghe returned to defend her title. The level of this year's event started out relatively weak, but got considerably stronger as the event progressed. Two of the top 8 seeds were late additions. Newcomer Mi Li, a twelve year old, recently joined the Colorado Springs community from China, and entered the event early Saturday. Later that same day, California resident Dung Nguyen (2217) entered. Nguyen won both the Over 30 and Over 40 events, defeating Sanjiv Thakor (upset winner over Scott Preiss) and Over 50 champ Allen McDermott respectively.

Highlights of Saturday's events included Adam Preiss's upset of younger brother Austin in the Class C Singles - later followed by Austin returning the favor to win the Junior Regional Championship. Charlie Solomon won the Under 1800 event in convincing fashion.

On Sunday, Scott Preiss teamed with Yahao Zhang to win the Open Doubles title over New Mexican pair Rick Massoth and Greg Castillo. Scott's son Adam made the most of a last minute pairing with Ghokal Shah to win the U-3200 RR Doubles event. Scott didn't fare as well in Open Singles, losing to Mi Li. The young boy's quickness and good angles with his reverse penhold backhand gave him an 11-8 in the 9th victory over the 4th seeded Preiss. The other 3 top seeds advanced to the semifinals where Emilia made quick work of Roland Bozo. Nguyen had a bit more trouble with Li, but prevailed in 6 games. In the final, Emilia kept control of the game - keeping the ball low and reducing Nguyen's opportunities to attack. Her backhand power often emphatically finished the point. Emilia defended her title without losing a game, making it 7 out of 20 championships for the fairer sex at the Colorado Springs Open.

Open Singles: Final: Emilia Gheorghe (CO) def. Dung Nguyen (CA) 7,8,7,9,9; SF: Gheorghe def. Roland Bozo (CO) 7,6,3,11,7; Nguyen def. Mi Li (CO) 9,6,3,-6,6,8.

Open Doubles: Final: Scott Preiss (CO)/Yahao Zhang (CO) def. Greg Castillo (NM)/Rick Massoth(NM) 6,11,7; SF: Preiss/Zhang def. Tom Wintrich (NM)/Bo Lianza (NM) 5,9,-11,6; Castillo/Massoth def. Emilia Gheorghe (CO)/Austin Preiss (CO) -8,9,9,4.

U-3200 Doubles: Final: Gokal Shah (CO)/Adam Preiss (CO) def. Tisoy Aligaen (CO)/Tommy Latimer (CO) 4,7,-6,-3,5; SF: Shah/Preiss -5,-6,10,8,11; Aligaen/Latimer def. Lee Rodriguez (CO)/Rodny Rodriguez (CO) 8,5,11.

U-1950 (A Singles): Final: Nobuyuki Shiogai (CO) def. Jiri Mracek (CO) 2,6,6,-6,4; SF: Shiogai def. Derek Stanley (CO) 9,-4,-7,8,6,-8,9;Mracek def. Neal Miller (CO) 1,6,-9,12,7.

U-1800 (B Singles): Final: Charles Solomon (CO) def. Alfred Adjei (CO) 4,8,9; SF: Adjei def. Mike Tarter (CO) 5,-2,7,9; Solomon def. Lance La Certe (CO) 10,5,9.

C Singles: Final: Viet (Ken) Lieu (CO) def. Lei Meng (CO) 10,9,10; SF: Meng def. Tom Madigan (CO) 6,11,8; Lieu def. Lee Rodriguez (CO) 8,7,-8,8.

D Singles: Final: Gokal Shah (CO) def. Adam Preiss (CO) 0,4,6; Shah def. Danny Noble (CO) 7,6,-6,9; Preiss def. Austin Preiss (CO) 6,6,-5,-9,9.

E Singles: Final: Keith Stewart (CO) def. Jason Roybal (CO) 3,-8,1,3; SF: Stewart def. Peter Wheeler (SUI) 2,7,-8,10; Roybal def. Keli Lianza (NM) 13,11,-8,9.

U-1100 RR Singles: David Beaubien (CO) def. Luke Hays (WY) 6,-7,6,6; SF: Hays def. Jason Roybal (CO) 10,11,6; Beaubien def. Keli Lianza (NM) 10,-11,9,9.

Combined Junior Regional Championships. 1. Austin Preiss (CO) 5-0; 2. Adam Preiss (CO) 4-1; 3. David Beaubien (CO) 3-2; 4. Luke Hays (WY) 2-3; 5. Keli Lianza (NM) 1-4; 6. Justin Bird (CO) 0-5.

U-18 Boys Jr. Regional Championships: 1. Luke Hays (WY) 2. Justin Bird (CO)

U-14 Boys Jr. Regional Championships: 1. Austin Preiss (CO) 2. Adam Preiss (CO)

U-18 Girls Jr. Regional Championships: 1. Keli Lianza (NM)

Over 30 Singles: Final: Dung Nguyen (CA) def. Sanjiv Thakor (CO) 9,9,-11,4; SF: Nguyen def. Bo Lianza (NM) -7,9,-8,2,9; Thakor def. Scott Preiss (CO) 8,9,8.

Over 40 Singles: Final: Dung Nguyen (CA) def. Allen McDermott (CO) 5,5,8; SF: Nguyen def. Mike Tarter (CO) 4,8,8; McDermott def. Bo Lianza (NM) 10,-7,-6,9,10.

Over 50 Singles: Final: Alfred Adjei (CO) def. Rick Massoth (NM) -7,4,11,6; SF: Massoth def. Lee Rodriguez (CO) 8,-9,11,-8,1; Adjeis def. Allen McDermott (CO) -3,7,8,8.

2004 Paul Cracraft Memorial Sportsmanship Award: Tommy Latimer (CO)

Many thanks to the helpful staff of the Hillside Community Center, as well as to the officials and staff: Bob Tretheway, Susan Lake, and Tom Wintrich. Thanks also to those who helped with setup and teardown, especially Dana Jeffries and Nobu Shiogai.


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